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The new Tomidou restaurant showcases true premium omakase indulgence

A new premium epicurean experience for even the most sophisticated of palates has now arrived at the storied Nassim Road. Foodies – be sure to head over and discover the brilliance of Tomidou and their amazing omakase performance.

A culinary journey of truly exquisite pleasures, the experience is led by Masterchef Akira Horikawa from Nishitama, Tokyo.

Armed with almost 3 decades of sushi culinary experience, including 15 years at Ginza Kyubey – one of the top omakase restaurants in Japan itself – where he sharpened his skills in authentic omakase cuisine, Chef Akira is joined by 2 other veteran Japanese chefs, each with more than 26 years of experience themselves, to present an omakase affair unlike any other.

Highlighting the finest flavours from premium seasonal ingredients, specially sourced from exceptional markets all around Japan, their dishes promise to showcase artistry and impeccable craftsmanship.

In fact, to ensure top quality and optimum freshness, they work with exclusive suppliers to import the best produce of every season, meticulously picking their ingredients from ports that respectively specialise in them and flying them in four times a week so diners get only the freshest and finest.

Tomidou presents four captivating omakase courses to choose from, featuring a generous array of 10 to 19 dishes where foodies can look forward to not only indulge in traditional specialty creations, but also unique signatures found only at Tomidou – including the distinct Torched Foie Gras Otoro sushi, masterfully incorporating French elements into their omakase.

Lunch courses include the 10-dish Sakura menu and 14-dish Taiyo menu with Tomidou’s exclusive lunch specials.

For dinner, they offer a 15-dish Tsuki menu that embodies the restaurant’s essence with dinner specials that take diners to new gastronomic heights, and the 19-dish Tomidou menu – a showcase of true indulgence and the pinnacle of their omakase excellence.

On a reservation-only basis, be sure to make your reservations early for a taste of their stellar offerings.


For more information, head over to their website here.