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Tipsy Bird Gastrobar launches an array of new dishes this month

Known for their unmistakable conviviality and fun vibes, the Tipsy Group has given us much to look forward to whenever we’re looking for a place to hang out at. Whether it’s for an intimate date or a night out with your best buddies, they never fail to draw us in with their multi-sensorial pleasures. Made with entertainment and joy at their core, the Tipsy Group’s portfolio of gastrobars have received much acclaim and numerous accolades for their unforgettable experiences.

Located at the vibrant Paya Lebar Quarter and amongst their happening array of lifestyle destinations is the exciting Tipsy Bird Gastrobar with its distinct feathered icon. Launching a fresh menu this month, Tipsy Bird invites fans and fun-loving foodies to head over and immerse in their diverse gourmet offerings alongside live entertainment and interesting drinking games.

Fans of the brand will be familiar with their beloved wet-aged steaks, classic American-style burgers, and Signature Ferris Wheel shots. Delivering a new experience this month, don’t miss out on new mouth-watering dishes that promise to captivate the craving palates of discerning foodies.

Whet your appetite with the refreshing Watermelon Caprese Salad with Pesto, presenting juicy watermelon, fresh roma tomatoes, and creamy stracciatella cheese with butter toasted bread on the side to start your meal right.

Sides to go for include their Grilled Sambal Squid Au Gratin with fragrant homemade sambal and aburi cheese, the absolutely addictive Loaded Fries that come with bacon, smoked duck, fried garlic, cheese sauce, and sour cream, and the intense Szechuan Mala Chicken Karaage wok-tossed in their specially-concocted mala blend.

Moving on to mains, they’re serving up highlights such as Roast Chicken brined in vinegar before being roasted, a Tipsy-version of our unique Buah Keluak Fried Rice with Crispy Chicken, and another elevated local classic with their Moonlight Truffle Beef Hor Fun, served with beef striploin and 63-degree poached egg.

Not forgetting Tipsy signatures that’ll definitely complete your gastronomic affair: there’s the comforting and delicious Wild Porcini Soup, and – the one dish you must get above all else – their amazingly juicy and tender Wok-fired Beef Cubes, served with truffle marmite veal jus, before ending your meal with the indulgent Burnt Cheesecake.

In true Tipsy style, wash your food down with artisanal concoctions like the charming Red-crowned Crane with tequila, yuzu sake, ginger, citrus, and kombu, and the bold Baltimore Oriole, featuring gin-infused cinnamon, dry Vermouth, Cointreau, and bergamot soda.


For more on Tipsy Bird and their new menu, check out their website here.