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Toast Box Coffee House in Tiong Bahru, blending tradition and modernity

Nestled within the historic space that once housed the iconic Old Tiong Bahru Bak Kut Teh eatery, Toast Box Coffee House artfully combines tradition with a contemporary twist. Set to open on October 11, the menu pays homage to Nanyang specialties and British-inspired cuisine, featuring beloved classics such as Old School Hainanese Pork Chop, Claypot Hokkien Prawn Mee, and Claypot Laksa. Adding to its allure, the establishment welcomes the third outpost of the renowned First Street Teochew Fish Soup.

A standout feature of Toast Box Coffee House is its coffee bean retail counter, offering six in-house roasted coffee bean varieties, embracing both Nanyang kopi traditions and contemporary preferences. The ambience within the 100-seat establishment is a throwback to a lush courtyard with mid-century aesthetics, marked by green glass accents and vintage decor, fostering a sense of community reminiscent of traditional coffee shops.
The menu extends beyond classics, encompassing Asian delights, kuehs, and old-school cakes, with highlights like Homemade Mee Siam, Claypot Curry Chicken with Rice, and premium French Toast. Dessert enthusiasts can relish treats such as Roasted Peanut Cake and Traditional Black Sesame Toast.
In addition to traditional toasts, sandwiches, and beverages, the menu features hearty Asian delights, kuehs, old-school cakes, and desserts. Standout dishes include Homemade Mee Siam, Claypot Curry Chicken with Rice, and the premium French Toast. For those seeking a sweet ending, Toast Box Coffee House offers a delightful array of kuehs and desserts, such as Roasted Peanut Cake and Traditional Black Sesame Toast.

With a legacy spanning over 35 years, First Street Teochew Fish Soup has attracted patrons from across Singapore. It now offers an exclusive menu at Toast Box Coffee House. The Chinese Pomfret Fish Soup, featuring the sought-after ‘Pomfret King,’ is a must-try for its tender, silky flesh and meticulously crafted broth. The Garoupa Fish Soup showcases this premium catch in an unadulterated clear broth, prized for its nutrient-rich, tender flesh with a subtle sweetness.

For communal dining, the Fish in Teochew Style presents a delectable choice. Guests can opt for premium hand-sliced Chinese Pomfret or Garoupa, immersed in a rich signature clear soup enhanced with marinated minced meat, Chinese mushrooms, zesty ginger, ripe tomato, silky tofu, and a hint of sour plum. The quintessential Teochew Fish Porridge offers meaty Batang fish slices in a collagen-rich broth, with options of Seafood or Minced Pork Porridge.

To celebrate its grand opening from October 11 to 17, 2023, Toast Box Coffee House offers an array of promotions and special treats. Patrons spending a minimum of $25 in a single receipt will receive a complimentary tote bag, available daily with a limit of 50 redemptions until October 15. Throughout the week, guests can enjoy exclusive deals, including a Traditional Toast Set for just $5 (U.P. $6.60), a generous 20% discount on two Asian Delights Sets (Weekdays Only), and the opportunity to relish 2 Sliced Tea Cakes for $5 (U.P. $5.60). It’s the perfect time to explore the delectable offerings at Toast Box Coffee House.

Visitors can also take home a piece of Nanyang coffee culture with merchandise like coffee tins, sauce sets, and exclusive coffee blends. Toast Box Coffee House’s commitment to preserving Singapore’s Nanyang coffee culture, coupled with its fusion of tradition and modernity, ensures an unforgettable dining experience for both locals and tourists. With its exciting grand opening promotions, there’s no better moment to immerse yourself in the charm of this quintessential Singaporean destination. 


For more information on Toast Box Coffee House and its grand opening, visit their website here.