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Tom’s Palette unveils a vibrant new look: A gelato adventure awaits

Tom’s Palette, the iconic gelato artisan, is set to delight its loyal patrons as it reopens its doors this month with a fresh and vibrant new look. From its modest beginnings at Shaw Tower on Beach Road in 2005 to its current home on Middle Road, Tom’s Palette has earned a dedicated following, thanks to its adventurous flavours and lively atmosphere. With a rotating selection of 36 flavours and a repertoire of over 200 unique creations, there’s always something to satisfy every palate. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to quality and freshness, with gelato completely free of preservatives and artificial flavourings.
The latest addition to their delightful lineup is Maple Pecan, a perfect embodiment of autumn with its harmonious blend of pure maple syrup-soaked pound cake, toasted pecans, and fior di latte gelato. For those looking to share the experience, Tom’s Palette offers a specially curated package featuring six delectable flavours that change alongside the daily gelato selection. To complement your sweet journey, don’t miss the opportunity to purchase Woodpecker Organic Pure Maple Syrup, specially designed for Tom’s Palette.
The rejuvenated space at Middle Road draws inspiration from a vibrant artist studio, adorned with teak elements and captivating artwork by local artists. It seats up to 40 customers, offering both cosy sofa seating for gatherings and an organically contoured table that doubles as a showcase area for gelato-making workshops.
Tom’s Palette also boasts a lineup of mainstay flavours like Granny’s Favourite, Rum & Raisin, and Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Dairy and egg-free options include Italian Dark Chocolate, crafted with water, sugar, and 56% dark chocolate. But what truly sets Tom’s Palette apart are its boundary-pushing flavours, such as Pipagao with its sweet, minty, and herbal profiles and Nasi Lemak, a surprising fusion of coconut, lemongrass, pandan-infused glutinous rice gelato, enhanced with peanuts and white chocolate.
With flavours inspired by Asian desserts, beverages, fruits, and flowers, Tom’s Palette offers a tantalizing journey throughout Asia. From Hangzhou Chrysanthemum to Soya Bean Youtiao, there’s something for every adventurous palate. Tom’s Palette is more than a gelato shop; it’s an experience that tantalizes taste buds and sparks the imagination.


For more on Tom’s Palette,  visit their website here.