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Tonkatsu ENbiton presents Singapore’s first-ever Japanese yuzu pork tonkatsu

For more than 2 decades, EN Group has brought us delicious experiences with popular concepts like EN Dining, Tamago-EN, Aburi-EN, Monster Curry, and more. Now, with their newest opening, they present Singapore’s first-ever “yuzu pork” tonkatsu restaurant.

Located at VivoCity, Tonkatsu ENbiton specialises in tonkatsu from pigs reared on the fertile lands of Kagoshima prefecture, Japan. Adding local yuzu into their feed, their meat presents extra nutrition like vitamin C, Pectin, and citric acid.

They also boast fats with a higher melting point so the umami flavour is contained within the meat even when deep-fried. Each 150-gram piece of pork at Tonkatsu ENbiton is evenly coated with panko before getting deep-fried at 170°C.

Served with Japanese rice, cabbage & arugula, pickles, and pork & vegetable miso soup, choose between the rosu katsu – which is richer pork loin with fat – and the tender hire katsu pork fillet.

Their premium katsu sets come in four types: the yuzu rosu, yuzu hire, oroshi yuzu rosu topped with grated daikon & yuzu-ponzu dressing, and miso yuzu rosu topped with miso sauce. Feeling extra hungry? Go for their stunning tomahawk katsu set featuring 300 grams of Australian pork.

Complementing their selection of fragrant tonkatsu are highlights such as gyukatsu using A4/A5 Miyazaki beef, katsu kuro kare (black Japanese curry) with a choice of meat cuts, and the kaisen mix fry set with freshly made charcoal curry.

There’s also a delightful range of appetisers, ramen bowls, and sandos available all day.


To find out more about the new concept, head over to their website here.