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UYA opens new outlet at Oasia Hotel Novena with outlet-exclusive specialty dishes

Amongst the most popular of Japanese comfort food, Unagi-don has become a common sight on Japanese menus. Taking that experience a step further, UYA Charcoal Grill Live Eel Cuisine has gained much recognition and delighted foodies everywhere with their authentic Japanese offerings and traditional Kansai-style unagi cuisine.

Using carefully selected live eels to ensure optimal colour, plumpness, and tenderness, UYA brings their famed unagi menu to a brand new outlet at Oasia Hotel Novena. Decked in a soothing and inviting brown palette, the space also offers semi-private rooms with warm cove lighting and plush seats.

At the new outlet, fans and first-timers alike can look forward to a unique line-up of outlet-exclusive dishes that you’ll definitely not find anywhere else. Putting a spotlight on the brand’s specialty, their quality live eels are prepared à la minute in various unforgettable renditions, led by an experienced Japanese head chef.

Undoubtedly the star of the show, their famed Hitsumabushi comes with an option of two different sizes, serving up golden-brown unagi with fluffy Niigata rice, condiments, and a light dashi broth for diners to pick their favourite way of enjoying the unagi bowl.

Then look out for outlet-exclusive bites such as their thinly-sliced Smoky Unagi Ham, tightly rolled and lightly seasoned with salt, then grilled over Sakura wood chips for a distinct smoky flavour, as well as three new specialty skewers: Grilled Unagi Fin, Grilled Unagi Head, and Yahata Maki, a Kyoto specialty featuring burdock root wrapped within unagi.

Elevating your experience with thoughtful details, diners will find citrusy Japanese Sansho peppercorns in a small pepper grinder on every table. Use them with your grilled eel for a burst of extra depth and flavour.

Other not-to-be-missed highlights on UYA’s exceptional menu include their very own rendition of a Healthy Unagi Rice Bowl with chunks of tender eel alongside wholesome ingredients like natto, Japanese mountain yam, okra, a sous vide egg, seaweed, and Japanese ginger, and the luxurious Sea Urchin and Wagyu Rice Bowl with sea urchin from Hokkaido itself.

Complement your meal with addictive small plates the likes of their Grilled Eel with Salt, eel Liver Ponzu, Deep Fried Liver, and succulent Hiroshima Oyster Tempura with shiso leaf, before ending it off perfectly with their Parfait, an indulgent dessert with sweetened azuki beans, vanilla ice cream, matcha ice cream, mochi balls, and luscious whipped cream.


For reservations and more information, head over to UYA’s website here.