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Waterside Dining Boaters’ Bar unveils Japanese-inspired menu

Boaters’ Bar at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove is making waves in the realm of dining experiences with its innovative approach and a fresh new menu inspired by the rich flavours of Japan. As the only floating bar in Singapore, Boaters’ Bar has set its sights on transforming into a contemporary Izakaya hotspot, offering patrons an enchanting waterfront panorama that enhances their dining adventure.
The revamped menu is a masterpiece of culinary creativity, boasting an impressive selection of 43 items that pay homage to Japan’s intricate and diverse tastes. Drawing inspiration from the beloved Japanese Izakaya culture, the menu harmoniously combines casual food fare with the depth of Japanese cuisine, bringing together flavours that range from succulent seafood and delectable meats to enticing vegetarian options.
Highlights from the new menu include the Ahoy, Platter for Two, a sharing platter perfect for pairs or small groups, the Gyu Shogayaki Pizza & Okonomiyaki Twist Pizza that tantalize with Japanese and Italian fusion, and the Umami Edamame that’s brimming with savoury delight. Dishes like the Black Angus Beef Skewer and Miso-infused Veggie Delight Pizza showcase the seamless integration of Japanese influences.
Boaters’ Bar aims to redefine the conventional notions of bar food by introducing a level of sophistication in a relaxed environment. The bar offers an unmatched experience, ensuring that guests relish both the remarkable cuisine and the picturesque surroundings. Against the backdrop of Sentosa Cove’s serene scenery and luxury yachts, visitors can unwind, enjoying their drinks and bar bites while taking in the breathtaking sunset.
Adding to its allure, Boaters’ Bar has introduced Party Packages, tailor-made for medium-sized gatherings, offering guests the opportunity to savor the modern Izakaya concept while commemorating special occasions surrounded by the stunning waterfront panorama. These packages include a selection of appetizers, main dishes, and a range of premium beverages. The party packages are curated to suit different preferences, from the Barbeque Party Package to the Mexican Fiesta Package and the Tapas Party Package.
For those seeking a unique experience, mark your calendars for Boaters’ Bar’s inaugural Oktoberfest celebration on Sep 9. With authentic German beers, traditional cuisine, live music, and games, the event promises an unforgettable evening. Tickets are available, with a special 10% discount for early birds using the promo code “PROST10”.


To explore the diverse offerings at Boaters’ Bar at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, visit their official website for more information. website here