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Wong Fu Fu brings us Taiwan’s hot plate and bubble tea experience

There’re many things that come to mind when we think of Taiwan, but we dare say that for the most part, it’s about their delicious street food, wide array of snacks, and bubble tea. Never failing to satisfy the cravings and hunger of foodies all around, Taiwanese food has always held a special place in many of our hearts; especially in this food-loving city of ours.

Here to bring us a piece of Taiwan so we don’t have to wait for the next time we’re able to take a flight there, the new Wong Fu Fu restaurant presents a delightful gourmet experience with their Taiwan-inspired hot plate concept.

Adding to the hot plate experience is their exciting free-flow Taiwan Bubble Milk Tea and mini buffet bar. Also included with every order of main dish, their DIY Bubble Milk Tea lets diners choose from 9 different toppings to create their own personalised cup of bubble tea goodness.

At the mini buffet bar, you’ll find up to 15 different selections of cold and hot bites to complement your meal with, including Marinated Black Fungus, Marinated King Oyster Mushroom with Chilli Oil, Spicy Chicken Cubes, Sweet Potato Fries with Plum Powder, Dumplings with Hot Chilli Oil, Taiwan-Style Prawn Omelette, Stir-Fried LaLa with Basil, and more!

All served on individual hot plates, their tantalising menu offers mains such as Grilled Chicken Leg, Grilled Lamb Chop, Grilled Beef Striploin. Signature Taiwanese Fried Chicken Cutlet, Grilled Salmon, Mixed Grilled Seafood, Taiwanese 3 Cup Chicken, and the vegetarian-friendly Plant-Based Hamburg.

To pair with your choice of protein, choose to go with White Rice, Taiwan Egg Fried Rice, Udon, or Spaghetti, before topping off your sizzling plate with sauces like their Signature Brown Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, and vegetarian Tomato Sauce.

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out their adorable merch corner to snag yourself some exclusive cushions and limited-edition merchandise!


To find out more about Wong Fu Fu or stay updated with their latest news, check out their Facebook page here.