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Yaegaki partners Chef Willin Low to present a Singapore-exclusive sake

From one of Japan’s oldest and most prominent breweries comes an exclusive new sake. In a highly anticipated introduction, Yaegaki Sake & Spirits is finally bringing 3 of their signature labels to our shores. Celebrating the momentous occasion, the debuting series will include an exclusive new sake crafted in special collaboration with our very own celebrity chef Willin Low.

An embodiment of hard work and tradition, the Yaegaki brand boasts a 350-year history. Known for their distinct and outstanding sake-brewing methods, their legacy has been diligently handed down from generation to generation.

A result of endless rounds of tastings and modifications, the new RASEN sake is a blend of two types of sake, featuring three different rice types. Balancing umami notes with a refreshing citrus aftertaste, the patented blending process gives us a sake with a fresh acidity and the sweetness of koji.

Crafted using traditional methods, RASEN transcends time and geography to celebrate and show appreciation for the intertwining of two different food cultures. Specially made with the Singaporean palate in mind, RASEN is best enjoyed with the complex flavours of our local fare, including the likes of our satay, laksa, and oyster omelette. It is also the very first sake that’s ever created to pair with Singaporean food.

Along with the Singapore-exclusive RASEN, Yaegaki will also be introducing their signature Junmai Daiginjo MU and Junmai Daiginjo MU BLACK to the Singapore market. Painstakingly brewed from 100% Yamada Nishiki rice, their top-quality Junmai Daiginjo presents a sophisticated taste of sweetness and acidity, featuring an elegant mix of apple and sherry-like aromas. The MU BLACK won a gold medal at the global IWSC2020 competition for its gorgeous aroma and transparent taste.

Only produced in limited amounts, gourmands can find the exclusive RASEN at Relish by Wild Rocket, The Kongsee, Good Luck Beerhouse, and Thevar.


For more on these delicious sakes, check out Yaegaki’s Instagram page here.