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Yakiniku-GO teams up with Lennard Yeong to present new and exclusive dishes

When we think of Japanese comfort food, many of us naturally think of their amazing grill experiences. A huge favourite for many of us looking to spend time with friends and loved ones while indulging in plates of fine meats and fresh produce, fans of Japanese BBQ can now look forward to a new experience at RE&S’ popular Yakiniku-GO restaurants.

Known for their affordable high-quality selections and wide range of choices, the quick service concept also boasts a comfortable smoke-free space with their electric grills. Taking their experience up a notch this season, Yakiniku-GO has teamed up with local social media sensation Lennard Yeong to present a new yakiniku experience for the contemporary generation of foodies.

A foodie and chef himself, Lennard rose to fame with his adventurous brand of food-focused content. Bringing his signature flair to yakiniku diners, his partnership with Yakiniku-GO’s Head Chef Tetsuya Yoshida showcases 4 limited-time yakiniku sets, available at all Yakiniku-GO outlets from now till Jul 31.

For a visually stunning treat, check out the Beef Bomb Set. Serving up an explosion of flavours with fistfuls of karubi beef slices that pack marinated garlic within, every bite of the delicious meat is enhanced with the fragrance of garlic, served with a maze gohan prepared using homemade wagyu tallow alongside goma tare and yuzu kosho ponzu dipping sauces.

Prefer a different meat? There’s the Pork Bomb Set with slices of Duroc pork belly, served with shio kombu rice for a different flavour.

Made for meat lovers, the seasonal special’s Double Dragon Beef Set presents amazing texture and bite with thick diamond cuts of karubi beef short plate, wrapped around crunchy and refreshing zucchini. Like its beef bomb counterpart, the set comes with that tasty maze gohan and dipping sauces.

Alternatively, go for thick diamond cuts of Duroc pork belly with their Double Dragon Pork Set, paired with shio kombu rice.


Can’t wait to dig into these exciting limited-time offerings? Visit Yakiniku-GO’s website here for more information.