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8 exciting things to do in Bintan this season

Located to the South of Singapore, Bintan Island has consistently been amongst our favourite destinations whenever we’re planning for a quick getaway. Considering the island’s extensive array of resorts, dense natural environment, and fun activites for both the young and old alike, it’s no surprise that it’s a favoured go-to for us to escape from our urban lives. If you’re planning for an island escape this season, here are some of the best experiences to check out with Bintan Resorts.

View the island from above

A brand new experience for those planning a retreat to the island. Taking the fun from their renowned land and sea activities to the sky, book a ride with Fly Bintan for breath-taking views of the island like you’ve never seen before. Bask in unfettered views of their stunning landscapes, beautiful coastline, and clear waters, and even have a go at identifying the island’s many distinct attractions.

Perfect for everyone from a couples date to family adventure, hop on the exhilarating adventure to catch the wonders of Bintan from above. Fly Bintan rides are available in 12-minute, 30-minute, and 60-minute packages – all of which allows you views of destinations like the Crystal Lagoon in Treasure Bay Bintan, the island’s dense natural foliage, historical sites, and more.

Experience the joy of a seaside retreat and release baby turtles back to the sea

With customisable features and contemporary designs, Cassia Bintan makes for an ideal home away from home. Look forward to a cosy vacation with their seaside apartment-style living space. Surrounded by bright and trendy designs, Cassia Bintan offers flexible dining options alongside many activities to engage in. Suntan on the beach, participate in water sports, go on ATV discovery tours, and so many more.

During specific seasons – like this June holidays – you’ll even get a rare chance to join in and experience the joy of releasing baby turtles back into the sea! Hatched and cared for by a dedicated team of conservation specialists, make a date to join them in returning these babies back to Mother Nature.

Have all-day fun on an electric bike and in pristine waters

Featuring Southeast Asia’s first manmade seawater lagoon, Crystal Lagoon is a sprawling beauty that’s about the equivalent of 50 Olympic-size pools. Drawing us in with amazingly clear waters, find the lagoon within Treasure Bay Bintan’s Chill Cove: a one-stop destination where an endless amount of fun awaits. There, you’ll get to explore giant floating obstacle courses, huge slides, wakeboard, and cable ski stations. You’ll even get to kayak and paddleboard in their clear waters.

Up on land, don’t forget to get yourself on an electric scooter, available for all-day rental, so you get to zoom around exploring other activities like archery, ATV off-road trails, their indoor adventure space for children, and so many more for a truly memorable time.

Experience desert-style glamping and dine under the stars

Presenting an authentic experience inspired by Nature and imperfections, embark on a nomadic retreat at ANMON where you’ll get to satisfy your wanderlust and capture picture-perfect scenes. Stay within a self-contained teepee, that’s captivating from the outside and still comfortable on the inside. Every teepee is a self-contained space with its own ensuite bathroom and modern amenities.

Reignite your spark for discovery with them as you escape to the magical surrounds of a desert, where you’ll even get to dine under the stars. Share a tent-side BBQ with your loved ones or speak to the staff to set up a beautiful grill dining experience under the vast night sky.

Take your best IG-worthy pictures with Nature

One of the most picturesque spots in Bintan, head out to the Bintan Desert for a quick stop at the Sand Dunes and its accompanying Blue Lake. A result of years of mining and sand export in the past, the destination now resembles a natural desert with majestic sand hills that you can explore and safely tread upon.

Next to it is the distinct Blue Lake, which got its name from the water’s vibrant blue hues. Stop at this surreal lake to marvel at the amazing sight before posing for some of your best pictures yet.

Have a truly authentic Kelong seafood dining experience

A local seafood restaurant along Bintan Island’s Sebong River, find mouth-watering seafood and comforting Chinese dishes as you dine above water at the Kelong Mangrove Restaurant. To get there, you’ll have to book a boat ride with your hotel or take a free shuttle at the Mangrove River – just let them know you’re headed over to the restaurant. Then sit back and watch the sun set beyond the horizon before you arrive at the restaurant. Be sure to try the restaurant’s Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab, hotplate with squid and vegetables, and fresh gong-gong.

Step into a piece of history

Visit the Doulos Phos Ship Hotel to marvel at the real remnants of a ship that took her maiden voyage over a century ago, in 1914. Preserved and refurbished into a grand archive and museum of her time on the seas, check out her engine room and various artefacts while you’re there. Then head over to the standalone Arisetaffel restaurant, located at the stern of the ship for a delicious Indo-Dutch meal. Expect warm personalised service from the crew as you dig into authentic flavours of heritage with their gastronomic set menus.

Explore unforgettable dining destinations

No retreat is ever complete without pampering ourselves and our taste buds with exceptional flavours. Nestled within the idyllic Banyan Tree Bintan is their Treetops restaurant. Aptly named for its beautiful natural surrounds and calming vibes, indulge in an extensive selection of Indonesian signatures like their must-have Gado Gado, Ayam Sambal Matah, and Udang Balado. End off your meal with desserts like the unique Godok Pisang (or mashed banana fritter).

Dine with a view over at Natra Bintan’s The Patio Restaurant & Bar, where you’ll get to comfortably enjoy bites and tipples with an unobstructed sight of the Crystal Lagoon. Serving up a delectable spread all-day, enjoy craft cocktails and local favourites such as their fragrant Bintan Laksa with sticky rice noodles, crispy Bebek Kecombrang, tender Iga Bakar, and traditional Lupis Ketan for dessert.


Can’t wait to try all of it? For a fuss-free vacation to Bintan Island, visit Bintan Resorts’ official website here.