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Rediscovering tranquility with Pause at Citadines with Pokka

Citadines, synonymous with urban living, has always known the pulse of the cities it resides in. But beyond the sleek city apartments, Citadines has another love affair, one with coffee – an aromatic, invigorating, and vibrant love affair that defines each city we call home. As we celebrate International Coffee Month this October, Citadines invites you to an unparalleled coffee journey. Picture six magnificent Citadines properties in Singapore, each offering a unique blend of coffee-related experiences. Citadines Fusionapolis, Citadines Mount Sophia, Citadines Rochor, Citadines Balestier, Citadines Connect Rochester, and Citadines Raffles Place await your presence.
In partnership with Pokka Coffee and supported by Sterra, Citadines presents a captivating series of coffee-themed activities. Enjoy a simple act with profound effects – sipping coffee alone, the right way. Amidst a world focusing more on mindfulness and wellness, these moments of pause grant you solitude and clarity in the daily chaos. They’re on a mission to empower their guests, to embrace these essential moments.
Take a moment to explore the coffee-inspired art exhibition, in collaboration with renowned coffee artist Vivian Lees. The transformed Citadines lobby features a mesmerizing collection of paintings that encapsulate the essence of For the Love of Singapore City. Immerse yourself, take a pause, and let the artwork transport you to another world. Indulge in the PAUSE Corner, an oasis of tranquility in selected Citadines properties. Here, you can retreat, unwind, and recharge in a luxurious Sterra massage chair. As you relax, sample selected POKKA coffee products to fully immerse yourself in relaxation. 
For culinary enthusiasts, embark on a delightful coffee Kueh making session with local kueh vendor, Kueh Ho Jiak. Create your own delectable kueh and savour it alongside a perfectly paired cup of coffee. Stimulate your senses with the coffee scent mixology workshop. Join hands with our local scent partner, Vcube, and craft captivating coffee-inspired fragrances on a sensory journey.
Join this remarkable coffee-centric journey and discover the power of taking a PAUSE to elevate your well-being. Allow the enticing aromas, exquisite flavours, and artistic coffee expressions to transport you to a realm of serenity and introspection. Hit the PAUSE button amid your hectic schedules and relish the moment at Citadines, your haven of urban tranquility


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