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Bynd Artisan’s magical moments & reBynd’s sustainable craft

As the year gracefully concludes, Bynd Artisan warmly welcomes the season of joy with the enchanting theme, Magical Moments. In a world that often rushes past the everyday enchantment, this theme invites us to pause and appreciate the magic that weaves through both grand and ordinary moments. Magical Moments becomes a celebration of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, recognising that the sparkle of daily life mirrors the twinkle of fairy lights in a garden of memories. Bynd Artisan extends an invitation to revel in life’s wonders, embracing the joy found in both monumental and mundane moments.
This festive season, Bynd Artisan unveils a thoughtfully curated collection of gifts and experiences designed to evoke magical feelings of love, joy, and harmony. Collaborating with Super Farmers, the partnership introduces the Wellness Box and Miracle Box, embodying shared values of well-being and sustainability. From the enchanting Magical Moments Aperitif Box at SGD 160.00 to the budget-friendly SGD 68.00 Merry Hamper, the collection caters to diverse preferences. Inclusive of GST, local delivery, and personalisation fees, these offerings promise a seamless and magical gifting experience.
Simultaneously, in a world where everything carries a purpose and a story, reBynd emerges as a beacon of mindful living and sustainable choices. Founded in 2022 by James Quan and Winnie Chan, the visionaries behind Bynd Artisan, reBynd believes in the transformative power of small actions, urging us to look closer and listen to the tales woven into the fabric of everyday objects.


At the heart of reBynd’s philosophy is the commitment to create with intention and integrity, utilising only recycled, upcycled, and renewable raw materials. This stems from a desire to live a meaningful, mindful life, where every object finds its proper place and function, contributing to the creation of joy and beauty in personal spaces, daily routines, and special occasions.

The journey of reBynd began as an extension of Bynd Artisan‘s environmental efforts, evolving into a vision for a brand that implements circular economy processes. Working with eco-conscious suppliers from Germany, Italy, Australia, and Japan, reBynd crafts high-quality, low-impact products, ensuring that each decision reflects an intention to be kinder to Mother Earth.
Materials play a pivotal role in reBynd’s sustainability narrative, chosen with care and environmental consciousness. From bonded leather made of OEKO-TEX Leather Standard-certified genuine-leather fibers to FSC-certified paper and eco-friendly plastic snap fasteners, the commitment to sustainability extends to packaging materials, with FSC-certified Kraft paper made from 100% recycled paper.
Embracing simplicity, versatility, functionality, and timeless style, reBynd encourages a shift away from temporary trends toward more considered and enduring daily essentials. Acknowledging that the sustainability journey is ongoing, reBynd strives to learn and evolve, exploring new ideas and responsible practices to minimize waste and environmental impact, inspiring customers to make better, kinder choices.

The brand’s personalisation service, rooted in the tradition of Bynd Artisan, invites customers to add a bespoke touch to their chosen items with complimentary monogramming. As a nod to the brand’s commitment to community engagement, reBynd hosts the Be Kind Workshop, inviting participants to transform recycled leather into fashion accessories, fostering a connection between creativity and sustainability. In this workshop, attendees experience the joy of giving new life and purpose to materials, echoing reBynd’s larger mission to create a more sustainable world, one crafted object at a time.



The Magical moments Festive Gift Sets are available for purchase online and at Bynd Artisan Ateliers from November 8, 2023. To find out more, visit Bynd Artisan’s website here