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Capitol Optical’s 55 years of visionary milestones excellence in Singapore

In a bustling pushcart era of 1968, three brothers embarked on a shared dream that would forever change the landscape of eye care in Singapore. Today, Capitol Optical celebrates its 55th anniversary, an extraordinary journey of unwavering commitment to the eye care industry. What started as a humble venture has blossomed into a second-generation family-run business, defining the pinnacle of premium eyecare and eyewear in Singapore.
Since its inception, Capitol Optical’s core values of dedication to eye care, quality eyewear, and exceptional customer service have remained steadfast. Their list of services spans a spectrum of comprehensive eye care solutions. From standard eye examinations to intricate screenings for conditions like glaucoma, Capitol Optical’s state-of-the-art equipment ensures that customers receive the highest quality of care.
A pivotal step in their journey was the establishment of the Myopia Management Center (MMC) in 2022, responding to the growing need for specialized myopia care. With modern digital lifestyles contributing to myopia, Capitol Optical offers a range of lenses, including Ortho-K, Myopia Management, Digital, and AI Progressive Lenses. Their MyCapitol Myopia Programme (MMP) provides free in-house warranties, offering customers peace of mind in managing myopia.
A core component of Capitol Optical’s success lies in their dedicated staff. Regular training ensures their professionals are equipped with the industry’s latest knowledge and skills, allowing them to provide exceptional eye care. While Capitol Optical’s commitment to eye health is commendable, they are equally renowned for their curated eyewear collection. Catering to various budgets and styles, they offer everything from high fashion brands to lightweight Korean frames, ensuring that every customer finds their perfect pair
Capitol Optical also introduced MyCapitolRewards (MCR), the optical industry’s first loyalty program. With every dollar spent, customers earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for store vouchers. Beyond monetary benefits, customers can enjoy birthday discounts, targeted promotions, and more. As part of their 55th-anniversary celebrations, Capitol Optical is offering double loyalty points throughout October, giving back to their loyal customers. In addition, they are expanding their presence, with a new store set to open in the first quarter of 2024.
In the hearts of generations of Singaporeans, Capitol Optical has earned an enduring trust. Their unwavering dedication to client wellbeing continues to drive them to strive for excellence in unparalleled eye care experiences, both today and tomorrow. 


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