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Chantecaille’s eco-friendly beauty: navigating the green revolution

In a celebration of the awe-inspiring beauty of America’s wild mustangs and their rugged Western surroundings, Chantecaille proudly presents its Limited Edition Fall 2023 Wild Mustang Collection. This collection is more than just cosmetics; it’s a testament to the profound connection between nature and beauty.

With every purchase from the Wild Mustang Collection, you are directly contributing to the American Wild Horse Campaign. This campaign is dedicated to safeguarding a recently discovered isolated herd of wild horses nestled within Utah’s Cedar Mountains. Their mission? To protect their habitat and enhance water sources, ensuring these majestic creatures can coexist harmoniously with their environment. The American Wild Horse Campaign envisions a better way to protect these wild icons, maintaining a delicate balance between land and life for future generations. Legal victories, land trusts, and field conservation programs are their tools to uphold the original law and protect these magnificent creatures.

Chantecaille’s Wild Mustang Collection presents a captivating array of makeup and introduces a pioneering skincare breakthrough. The Luminescent Eye Shades, drawing inspiration from the vibrant palettes of wild mustangs, showcase Roan and Pinto, offering two resplendent fall shades. Their emollient, featherweight cream-like texture, enriched with pure-pearl particles, remains unwavering, elegantly encased in limited-edition compacts adorned with wild horse motifs, championing the American Wild Horse Campaign. Meanwhile, the Matte Eye Shades, Bay and Palomino, bestow creamy vegan matte eyeshadows, delivering rich definition with velvety finishes. As for the Lip Veil, graced with Wild Begonia and Laurel hues, it imparts luminous, hydrating vegan color, enriched with FairWild Standard-certified organic Baobab oil. All these treasures are housed in contemporary magnetic cases, adorned with horse imagery, further lending support to the American Wild Horse Campaign’s noble cause.
Introducing the Bio Lifting Eye Cream, a pioneering marvel within the Bio Lifting Collection. This opulent multi-action eye cream boasts a microplastic-free formula, harmonizing with sustainability. Infused with a de-puffing peptide, rejuvenating botanical sugar, potent botanical extracts, and an instant tensing agent, it works its magic within weeks. Its mission: diminishing dark undereye circles and softening expression lines, culminating in lifted, tightened, and smoother skin. Join the beauty revolution, embracing its 95% natural origin formula, and stand with the 84% who testify to a visibly firmer eye area.
Chantecaille’s Limited Edition Fall 2023 Wild Mustang Collection goes beyond cosmetics; it’s a commitment to preserving the untamed spirit of the West. It’s an opportunity to unite beauty with purpose, where every purchase supports the conservation of these magnificent creatures and their habitats.


To find out more about their amazing products, head over to Chantecaille’s website here.