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Enhance your well-being with Herbal Pharm’s natural supplements

Specially designed with Singaporeans in mind, leading nutraceutical brand Herbal Pharm is leading the charge in helping all of us achieve a healthier lifestyle with premium all-natural supplements, personal care solutions, and lifestyle products.

What are nutraceuticals? They’re basically products derived from food sources (where we get our necessary nutrition) that provide more nutritional value than usual and are able to grant us a greater range of health benefits.

Dedicated to helping us through all aspects of our daily lives, the homegrown Herbal Pharm boasts a wide range of products that specifically target the Singaporean lifestyle. Take our hot and humid climate for instance: a common issue that troubles us is the onset of eczema or various forms of skin irritation and inflammation. Their Traditional Aleppo Soap 30% Laurel Oil bar soap and shower gel effectively targets these skin conditions and proves popular even amongst those with sensitive skin.

Known for our hectic schedules, Herbal Pharm enhances our lifestyles with their bestselling i360, an eye supplement that alleviates and prevents long-term eye problems from developing. For many of us who spend long hours at work, whether it’s within an air-conditioned office or in front of a screen, the i360 helps to quickly soothe dry and tired eyes.

Actively supporting and bettering the lives of our active, yet aging, population, the brand’s NutraJoint Gold Flex aids in caring for our cartilage and joints, helping us keep joint pain at bay while still being able to exercise regularly. The NutraJoint Gold Flex even doubles up as a supplement that prevents issues such as diabetes and other ailments.

Worried about your bladder health? Achieve a healthier bladder and urinary tract with their Bladder Support Formula.


For more on Herbal Pharm and their range of amazing products, head over to their website here.