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Find Snuggle fabric conditioners now at a pop-up store in VivoCity

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of our daily essentials – from beauty & wellbeing, personal care, and home care products, to nutrition and even ice cream offerings – Unilever has consistently displayed their drive to improve the health of the planet, wellbeing of people, and contribute to a more inclusive society with their unforgettable campaigns all over the world.

And in yet another charming move, they’re bringing Korea’s top trending fabric conditioner to our shores this season.

All set to deliver their comfy soft embrace to Singaporeans, experience Snuggle’s unique huggable freshness at their exciting pop-up store in Unity VivoCity from now till Jun 20.

Check out the pop-up and be greeted by their oversized Snuh-gom bear. A 2m tall bear in all its fluffy goodness, be sure to grab this rare opportunity to snap a shot with it. Don’t forget to bring your little ones – it’ll definitely be one to bring smiles to children.

As part of the pop-up campaign, you’ll even get to enjoy free cotton candy with your loved ones!

That’s not all: head on over now to indulge in Snuggle’s irresistible Korean crafted fragrances at the scent bar, have a go at their free product samples, and enjoy an array of other attractive deals.

Available in two variants, Snuggle’s soft and cosy Huggable Cotton fabric conditioner features a flowery and powdery scent, while their warm and enchanting Blooming Bouquet presents a musky and woody scent – but both are proudly packed with long-lasting freshness and extra softness.

To ensure suitability for all families, they’ve also been put through rigorous testing by the Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute for skin irritation and is completely free of harmful ingredients like formaldehyde and parabens.


To find out more about Snuggle and their exciting pop-up, check out their Facebook page here.