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Here are some of the best deals to check out in May 2023

Living in our bustling urban landscape, we’re constantly surrounded by new and exciting products popping up on the market, as well as exciting promotions and deals that never fail to tempt us. From amongst the endless flurry, we highlight some of the best products you’ll want to look out for this month.

A household name for its quality canned products, Ayam Brand is synonymous with giving us delicious and convenient meals at home. Pulling out all the stops in their latest offering, they’ve launched their first-ever Pulled Chicken series. Featuring a distinct black packaging, enhance your sandwiches, tacos, wraps, or even rice and noodles at home now with their pulled chicken line.

From Singapore’s pioneering nutraceutical company comes the latest of their effective and innovative healthcare solutions: the revolutionary BetterU Disk. Boosting your body’s immunity and overall health through a simple ceramic alloy coaster, the disk emits a unique field of terahertz and far-infrared waves that rearranges the molecular structure of liquids and particles placed on it – so your body cells can easily absorb water and nutrients, and get rid of the bad stuff like waste and toxins.

A go-to name for premium, all-natural, and ethically sourced produce, Little Farms has build a solid reputation as they continue expanding with stellar cafés and bistros. Available for one night only on May 11 at Little Farms Café, Valley Point, foodies will not want to miss an outstanding Akaroa 5-Course Dinner. featuring fresh King Salmon raised in the cold waters of Akaroa Harbour in New Zealand, salmon lovers can indulge in the flavours of the delicate fish with through a meticulously prepared menu, highlighting the qualities of Akaroa salmon through various methods of preparation.

Known globally for their elegant coffee solutions for coffee aficionados, Nespresso’s latest Vertuo Pop series takes convenience and aesthetics to another level by infusing a pop of colour to our daily lives. Staying true to their renowned quality, the series is not only their most compact design to date, it also features ultra easy maintenance, and comes in 4 vibrant colours: Mango Yellow, Spicy Red, Aqua Mint, and Liquorice Black.