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Here’s where to shop, what to watch, and what to do in September 2023

With the arrival of September, a mosaic of possibilities comes to life. Indulge in mouth-watering convenience foods and delectable cakes. Explore the latest fashion trends with a wide array of trendy bags. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of culture through captivating exhibitions and exhilarating shows. Seize the opportunity to relish a well-deserved one-week school holiday, perfect for leisurely pursuits and strengthening bonds with loved ones. Embrace the harmonious fusion of shopping, culinary delights, artistic expressions, and rejuvenating relaxation that September has in store for us.

Cat & the Fiddle is set to sweeten your September. Purchase any whole cheesecake and elevate your dessert experience with an assortment of macarons for just S$6.00, a remarkable value compared to the usual $15.00 price. Delight in flavours like Blueberry, Raspberry, Yuzu, Dark Chocolate, Pistachio, and Caramel. As a delightful bonus, customers will receive a vibrant set of birthday cheesecake toppers, including a knife, candles, and utensils, perfect for adding a festive touch to special occasions. This enticing promotion is available at all Cat & the Fiddle outlets and their e-commerce store, promising a month of delectable delights.

Celebrate the flavours of September at Châteraisé and Yatsudoki’s 2023 Grape Fair, running from Sep 1 to 30. Delight in a stunning array of 25 grape-inspired cakes and pastries, with prices starting at just $5.50.  Châteraisé presents an enticing lineup, including the Yamanashi Shine Muscat and Pione Tart ($7.20) and the Yamanashi Shine Muscat Rare Cheese Cake ($5.50), featuring creative twists that captivate the palate. Explore further with offerings like the Yamanashi Shine Muscat and Pione White Zebra ($47) or the Yamanashi Shine Muscat Zuccotto ($14.30). Yatsudoki tempts with treats like the Yamanashi Shine Muscat Double Cream Puff ($6.90), an irresistible marriage of fresh cream, custard, and Shine Muscat embraced by delicate puff pastry.

The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. unveils its first Seasonal Tea Collection, featuring rare specialty teas shaped by each season and terrain elevation. As specialty tea blenders, a unique tea-drinking experience with handpicked teas from the current season is delivered, passionate about sharing the stories and flavours of specialty teas with the world. The focus is on two remarkable teas: First Flush Darjeeling, known for its floral notes, and Dong Pian Oolong, with mellow sweetness and fruity hints. Discover these limited gems in the elegantly presented gift sets available exclusively at their retail outlets and online store.

In anticipation of World Heart Day on Sep 29, F&N NutriSoy is committed to promoting better heart health. F&N NutriSoy has partnered with the Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF), a member of the World Heart Federation, to raise awareness about heart health. Their range of heart-friendly products, like the F&N NutriSoy Fresh Soya Milk High Calcium Omega, packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, showcases their dedication to supporting heart health. With low Glycaemic Index (GI) and Halal certification, these products offer essential proteins and vital nutrients, making them suitable for a variety of dietary preferences. F&N NutriSoy is contributing to the global effort for a healthier heart, one sip at a time, available at major retailers with a range of pricing options.

Experience the excitement of America’s finest products and produce at NTUC FairPrice during the US Fair from Sep 14 to 27. The curated selection of the United States’ top-notch products includes  delectable snacks and premium wines to health and beauty items. Treat yourself to the taste of 1924 Wines, the embodiment of a century-old spirit, and relish Adams’ 100% Natural Peanut Butter’s wholesome goodness. Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle collaborates with M&MS® Mini Candies for a delightful fusion. Herr’s Cheese Curls elevate any meal with their real cheese goodness, while Kopper’s Chocolate crafts bite-sized masterpieces of gourmet chocolates and specialty confections. Don’t miss this chance to savour the best of the USA.

Taste the magic of Japan with Farmpride’s latest Japanese range. This culinary selection boasts five delightful options, each meticulously prepared using tender, real chicken. Versatile in every sense, these offerings shine as main courses, sides, or as the stars in your own homemade kawaii bento boxes. Following original Japanese recipes, they are free from added preservatives, artificial colors, and trans-fat. The lineup includes the timeless Crispy Chicken Karaage, marinated Crispy Shoyu Chicken Tatsutaage, movie night essential Japanese Fried Chicken, zesty Black Pepper Grilled Boneless Chicken Thigh, and the Asian-inspired Soy Garlic Grilled Boneless Chicken Thigh. Farmpride’s Japanese range is now available at major supermarkets and online retailers. Taste the magic of Japan in every bite!

Prepare for a celestial journey to the Sky Gateway Theatre’s unveiling of “The Race Around The Moon,” a play by Teo Pei Si. Open for one day on Sep 23 at Gateway Theatre’s SkyGarden, this production promises to captivate audiences aged five to 10 through a journey that teaches the value of friendship, perseverance, and self-discovery. Set against the cosmos, the play introduces characters Chang’e, Jade Rabbit, and Wu Gang, endearing them to audiences with their strengths and weaknesses exposed. After years on the moon, the legendary trio gets a rare opportunity to return to Earth, showcasing the amazing grace around the moon.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Golden Bridge stands as an iconic brand in Singapore’s food industry, delivering three decades of convenience, comfort, and delicious flavours. Win prizes and 916 gold worth up to $9,880 with a minimum $15 spend at participating retailers from Sep 15 to Oct 26. Golden Bridge’s renowned XO Lean Sausage, with hints of XO sauce, remains a standout. Kelly’s offers gluten-free, MSG-free Western-style meats, while El-Dina features premium halal meats and versatile options like Beef Bakso and Instant Curry Paste. ANEW introduces Plant-based Luncheon Meat and Ready-to-Eat Plant-based Sauces, catering to health-conscious consumers.

Indulge your taste buds in a global culinary journey at Jurong Point’s Food Feastival. Running till Oct 15, this event is a celebration of diverse flavours. Experience the gastronomic adventure at the Feastival Fair and gather fellow food enthusiasts for the Foodie Extravaganza Feastival Fun, featuring challenges and live demos. Shop during the campaign to join weekly prize draws and redeem exclusive dinnerware. The Feastival Fair, showcases street food from Japan, Thailand, China, Malaysia, and the US. Enjoy treats like Cinnabon’s cinnamon rolls and AJ’s Burger’s smash burgers. Dive into international delights and join in the festivities at Jurong Point.


KFC, the world-famous fast-food chain renowned for its finger-lickin’ good chicken, is promoting its latest Comfort-A-Bowl series from Sep 27 Sep to Oct 24. This bowl series features popular favourites like the Mac N Cheese Bowl, the Famous Bowl, and a new creation – the Loaded Fries Bowl. Priced at just $4.65 each, these bowls combine KFC signature items like whipped potato, popcorn chicken, cheese sauce, Original Recipe gravy, and crispy fries, offering a satisfying and budget-friendly meal. Whether you’re taking a break from exams or a busy day, KFC’s Comfort-A-Bowl series provides a scrumptious and convenient treat, available for dine-in, takeaway, or delivery via KFC Delivery, Grab, foodpanda, or Deliveroo.

Presenting an enchanting collection that embraces beloved designs, featuring favourites such as the elegant Creativity clutch, playful Riri and Gabbie Mini crossbody styles, and endearing Bina Mini. Notably, the spotlight falls on the Elvin crossbody bag with a whimsical red doghouse airpod pouch on its strap. On a larger scale, the cherished City Pack backpack and two totes – Merita and Art M Pet Bag – cater to animal enthusiasts, boasting an angled opening, waterproof lining, and cushioned base. Whether a dog-lover, Peanuts fan, or one seeking leisure, these featherlight bags embody carefree style. This globally accessible collection is available at Kipling boutiques, Lazada’s Official Kipling Store, and select department stores, resonating with visionary souls.

Motorsport enthusiasts are in for an unforgettable experience as Marina Bay Sands invites them to immerse themselves in the electrifying world of night racing. Tailored for race aficionados, these exclusive hotel packages offer a chance to soak in the heart-pounding atmosphere of the races. With limited availability, guests can revel in luxury within the newly renovated Sands and Paiza suites, with the top-tier package. This elite offering grants a four-night stay at the opulent Paiza Signature Suite for up to four guests and exclusive perks like an intimate cocktail soirée with Scuderia Ferrari on Sep 14. The Marina Bay Sands Sky Suite access from September 15 to 17, along with Scuderia Ferrari merchandise, completes the high-octane experience. Other packages offer an array of bespoke privileges, including prime views of the Pit Straight, private encounters with racing legends, race-themed souvenirs, a seat at the LAVO Party Brunch, and VIP access to the much-coveted MARQUEE Singapore afterparties on Sep 15 or 16. Get ready for the night race adventure of a lifetime!

Celebrate half a century of artistic brilliance with the Music & Drama Company (MDC) as they present “Music & Memories” at Toa Payoh HDB Hub Atrium. In honour of their 50th anniversary, MDC pays homage to their beginnings and expresses gratitude to National Servicemen through a captivating three-day song and dance extravaganza. Revel in original compositions from MDC’s 50th-anniversary album and timeless classics that evoke cherished memories. The stage will come alive with appearances by esteemed MDC alumni, including Broadway Beng, Sebastian Tan, and acclaimed dancers Moe Kasim, Jackie Pereira, and Farhan Hassan, alongside current MDC lead vocalists. Beyond performances, attendees can partake in thrilling games, win prizes, and explore a special exhibition tracing MDC’s transformative journey over five decades. Admission is FREE. Don’t miss this remarkable event at Toa Payoh HDB Hub Atrium from Sep 22 to 24.

Fans of the wildly popular Fish Head Curry flavour, initially launched in April 2022, can now rejoice as Nissin commemorates the anniversary of the beloved Cup Noodles series by bringing back the flavour as a long-term addition. The recipe has been enhanced with an upgraded taste and texture, featuring delectable and tender fish toppings made with real fish meat. This revival caters to lovers of local cuisines who appreciate the varied interpretations of fish head curry. This reintroduction aligns with their 52nd Birthday Festival celebration and is the fourth local-inspired flavour in their Cup Noodles series. The Fish Head Curry Cup Noodles is now available at all major supermarkets and convenience stores, marking the 11th addition to Nissin’s extensive range of instant noodle products.

“Now Is Not The Time” is a cutting-edge immersive art installation celebrating the centenary of Singapore’s visionary leader, Lee Kuan Yew. From Sep 10 to 24, this exhibition welcomes the public daily from 11am to 8pm. Combining virtual production, AI, generative art, architecture, sculpture, film, and music, it promises a distinctive experience for all generations, complete with Instagram-worthy visuals and interactive Alternate Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) elements. Original pieces by local art schools and international artists grace the venue. Admission is free, but visitors must register at and choose 30-minute time slots. This event is suitable for those aged 13 and above and takes place at 25 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 117536.

Old Seng Choong has unveiled its innovative Bake-Off Concept stores, strategically located in Singapore’s bustling Paragon Shopping Centre and the world-renowned Changi Airport. Catering to both locals and globetrotters, these stores offer a tantalizing selection of over 15 traditional fresh bakes infused with a contemporary flair. With a focus on preserving the delectable flakiness of pastries, unique flavours like Truffle Char Siew, Royal Sweet Potato with Mochi & Ginger, and Classic Yam with Iberico Ham are exclusive to these establishments. Beyond pastries, Old Seng Choong offers nostalgic cakes and cookies that celebrate Singapore’s unique flavours, making every bite a memorable experience.

The Hainan Story Bakery beautifully continues the legacy of their Hainanese ancestors, who expertly catered to British and Peranakan households. Their culinary artistry, an inheritance from generations past, reflects the heart of Hainanese heritage. Collaborating with The Intan, they celebrate the exquisite blend of Hainanese and Peranakan cultures. Three delectable cake flavours emerge: the enchanting Blue Pea Bliss Cake, the rich Pandan Deluxe Cake, and the alluring Pink Lychee Charm Cake. Each masterpiece, priced at $13.80, is a testament to tradition and taste, inviting all to savour the cultural amalgamation through the art of baking.

Explore the delights of Tyson Brand Singapore and treat yourself to an array of best-selling favourites. From the irresistible Chicken Karaage to the tangy Buffalo Chicken Wing Stick and the delectably Grilled Tender Chicken, indulge in moments of flavour-packed bliss. With the convenience of quick preparation, savour the scrumptious, crunchy, and juicy chicken within minutes using either an airfryer or a microwave, eliminating the need for thawing. Elevate your dining experience with these delicious, easy-to-prepare, and high-quality options that are readily available at all major supermarkets. Tyson Brand Singapore brings culinary satisfaction to your fingertips.

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with a delectable treat from Hao Food SG and Typhoon Café. As the official importer of authentic White Rabbit candy and ice cream in Singapore, Hao Food SG has collaborated with Typhoon Café for an exclusive culinary fusion. Indulge in the fleeting delight of the White Rabbit Soufflé, a limited-time sensation. At any of the four Typhoon Café outlets in Singapore, relish the unique blend of flavours and textures – from airy pancake stacks to velvety White Rabbit ice cream, complemented by zesty dried orange notes. Explore Typhoon Café’s finest menu selections, including Double Boiled Chicken Collagen Soup and Panko Canadian Pork Chop with Egg Fried Rice, redefining café-style comfort with unparalleled tastes amidst the Mid-Autumn festivities.