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Kirin brings their exquisite FUJI flagship whisky series to Singapore

Known for their passion and dedication towards perfecting their craft, Japanese artisans have consistently given us some of the most exquisite creations to marvel at. Introduced to the market three years ago, Kirin is finally bringing their FUJI whisky series to Singapore. A showcase of Japanese artistry and flavour, the flagship Japanese whisky range is one for all collectors of beautiful things and lovers of delicious spirits.

Critically acclaimed and highly coveted for their refined sensibilities, time-tested methods, and masterful use of Japan’s amazing natural resources, the FUJI series comes in four distinct expressions. Tapping into pure, unadulterated flavours provided by Mt. Fuji’s one-of-a-kind terroir, its namesake whisky boasts craftsmanship that reflects the quiet beauty of Japan’s famed icon – presenting a masterpiece any whisky aficionado will love.

Exclusively launched in partnership with Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits, go for the Kirin Single Grain Whisky and Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky, FUJI’s proud core products. Taking advantage of the distillery’s unique capability to produce both malt and grain whiskies in-house, their single grain and single blended whiskies stand out as bold characters in their own right.

A blend of three different grain whiskies, the FUJI Kirin Single Grain Whisky presents fruity and complex notes of white grapes, orange peel, honey, and bitter chocolate. The first-ever single blended variant to be approved in Japan, the Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky boasts the best of house-made unblended malt and grain whiskies all within each bottle.

Taking the experience to another level, look out for their limited-edition 30 Years Old Kirin Single Grain Whisky and Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky 2022 Masterpiece. The pinnacle of FUJI, the 30 Years Old Kirin Single Grain Whisky displays a deep mahogany colour, with an aroma of ripe and dried fruits, flavours of honey, maple, and dark chocolate, and a lingering woodiness. Having earned itself the World’s Best Grain Whisky award in 2020 and a Trophy at the same year’s International Spirits Challenge, the limited-edition iteration has only 120 bottles allocated for sale in Singapore – be sure to grab them while they’re available!

Exclusive to the Japanese market at launch, the Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky 2022 Masterpiece perfectly displays Kirin’s distinct house style and production capabilities. Precisely blended by Master Blender Jota Tanaka, every bottle is a culmination of 30-year-old whiskies and various whiskies aged in in red wine and ex-beer barrels, showcasing the aroma of crème brûlée, yellow peaches, and incense wood, with notes of spicy rye, ripened cherry, and lychee on the tongue. The 2022 Masterpiece only has 240 bottles available.


To find out more about the exciting series, head over to Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits’ website here.