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Manage myopia in kids with W Optics and the new Essilor Stellest lenses

As an advanced nation that boasts some of the highest standards of living in the world, it’s very worrying that we’ve also been reported to have the highest prevalence of myopia in the world. In line with Healthy Vision Month – an initiative founded to spread awareness and educate people about the risks of ignoring the health of our eyes and importance of having regular eye examinations – W Optics steps up to encourage conversation and raise awareness among the public.

Taking a two-pronged approach, W Optics tackles the issue of kids’ myopia with their new Essilor Stellest Myopia Management Lenses and by encouraging the public to spend at least two hours outdoors every day.

To make it even more convenient, you can now easily make an appointment for your eye examinations through the new W Optics mobile app. With the app, you can easily manage bookings and purchase eyecare items for your loved ones any time, anywhere.

Their latest generation of myopia control spectacle lenses to slow down myopia progression in children, the Essilor Stellest spectacle lenses have been clinically proven to slow down myopia progression by an average of 67%, as compared to single-vision lenses.

Above and beyond correcting myopia, control measures are needed to reduce the rate at which it worsens over time. Starting as early as possible is imperative to managing myopia so as to reduce risks of potential vision impairment and eye diseases in adulthood.

W Optics also shares how spending at least two hours a day outdoors is essential to managing myopia progression.

Studies have shown that when sunlight comes in contact with the retina, it causes a release of dopamine into the eye, which prevents the eye from growing too long (the main goal in myopia management). Being under the sun also triggers the production of Vitamin D, which will smoothen muscle tissues around the eye’s crystalline lens, helping to focus light on the retina, maintain proper eye shape, and maintain proper length between the lens and retina.

Another factor that contributes to myopia onset and progression is the increased occurrence of prolonged “near activities” like reading and screen time. Spending time outdoors encourages children to focus on distant objects such as trees and birds flying through the air.


Find out more from Singapore’s leading myopia specialists or download the app via their website here.