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Rediscovering harmony through the art of Classical Pilates at Flex Studio Singapore

In the heart of Singapore, a new era of holistic wellness has dawned with the grand unveiling of Flex Studio. This marks an exciting moment as they officially launch Singapore’s foremost Classical Pilates Studio, where tradition and innovation converge to create an unparalleled Pilates experience.

Flex Studio isn’t just another Pilates studio; it’s a sanctuary that pays homage to Joseph Pilates’ original teachings while embracing a holistic approach to the mind-body connection. Here, the essence of Pilates’ method and philosophy remains preserved and invigorated. Their mission is clear and unwavering: every session at Flex Studio should be a journey of positivity and productivity. They are elevating Classical Pilates in Singapore by adhering to the highest global standards and offering top-of-the-line Classical Pilates apparatus. Through the Real Pilates Teacher Training program, they play a crucial role in educating and nurturing the future generation of Classical Pilates Teachers.

So, what makes Classical Pilates at Flex Studio exceptional? It’s a comprehensive fitness regimen that places special emphasis on training the Neuro Muscular Skeletal System. This spring-based resistance training follows a systematic flow, with exercises timed to a heartbeat’s rhythm. Each 55-minute session meticulously builds strength, flexibility, and rehabilitation.

However, it’s not just about physical health; it’s also about nourishing internal organs, as Joseph Pilates referred to it as an “internal shower.” Moreover, Pilates enhances mental well-being and control, providing practitioners with the “in the zone” where complete focus and mental clarity reign. Flex Studio stands as a testament to Joseph Pilates’ belief that “when you learn to control your body, you learn to control your life.” Established in 2005, Flex has grown into Hong Kong’s premier Classical Pilates studio, driven by the principles of balance, control, and precision.

Flex Studio’s commitment to excellence is evident in their state-of-the-art equipment, featuring Pilates Scandinavia Equipment and Gratz Pilates’ finest original Classical Pilates apparatus. Their founder and Classical Pilates Lead Educator, Heather Thomas, brings her two-decade-long passion and experience in Pilates to their studio.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Flex Studio offers a diverse range of Classical Pilates classes, catering to all levels and preferences, from private sessions to group classes. Achieve your fitness goals while nurturing the vital mind-body connection. Join this transformative journey at Flex Studio, where tradition, transformation, and a dedication to excellence converge to offer a Pilates experience like no other. It’s time to unlock the incredible potential of your body and mind through the art of Classical Pilates.


To find out more about Flex Studio Singapore and the various classes, please visit their website here.