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Rodd & Gunn’s New Zealand elegance now available in Singapore

The iconic New Zealand lifestyle brand, Rodd & Gunn, has made its highly anticipated debut on the shores of Singapore in 2023. Established in 1987 in Auckland, New Zealand, the brand has built a reputation for crafting enduring, sustainable garments known for their quality and timeless appeal. Rodd & Gunn’s collections draw inspiration from the rugged and pristine landscapes of New Zealand, from ancient mountains to windswept high country, reflecting a natural and relaxed living aesthetic.

The brand’s global reach has expanded across the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, with a presence in major cities worldwide. The launch of their first concession store in Asia, situated in Takashimaya, Singapore, marks a significant milestone for the brand, bringing their New Zealand outdoor heritage to a new audience in Southeast Asia.

Mike Beagley, Chief Executive Officer of Rodd & Gunn, expressed excitement about introducing their high-quality garments and New Zealand heritage to the region. The Singapore concession store offers a glimpse into Rodd & Gunn’s latest collections, featuring a Journey to Paradise line that transports wearers to the idyllic Vanuatu, embracing island living and the joy found in simplicity.

For Rodd & Gunn, summer signifies more than just a season; it’s an invitation to relaxed elegance. The brand’s 2023 collections focus on easy, fuss-free fits that emphasize comfort and style. Lightweight essentials, linen shirts, waffle-knit polos, and cotton garments that soften with each wash provide the perfect wardrobe for warm-weather adventures.
Rodd & Gunn’s commitment to quality fabrics and timeless styling is underscored by a two-year guarantee on all their products. Their clothing is designed to withstand the rigors of beach strolls, fishing trips, and even formal events in the summer sun. The latest collection is a burst of color and spirited prints, featuring hand-drawn New Zealand landscapes in striking watercolors. The brand’s dedication to ethically sourced materials ensures that their garments feel luxurious, feather-light, and cool on the skin.
The arrival of Rodd & Gunn in Singapore signifies a new chapter in the brand’s global journey. With its commitment to quality, sustainability, and timeless style, Rodd & Gunn offers the modern man an opportunity to embrace the elegance of relaxed living through their premium garments and accessories.


To find out  more about Rodd & Gunn’s latest collection, visit the website here.