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Skin Inc. launches the world’s first serum-infused baby and kids skincare set

Backed by their trusted +SABI AI data on more than 1.5 million skin profiles worldwide, the globally trusted Skin Inc. Supplement Bar has garnered more than 150 awards from all around the world for their clinically proven products. Driven by data and innovation, their customised skincare has consistently given us some of the most progressive solutions and applications that meet the needs of this rapidly evolving generation.

Expanding their repertoire of amazing products, they have now proudly launched the world’s first serum-infused baby and kids skincare sets. Their latest A Bundle of Joy Collection was made specially for the little ones so they get to protect their skin like you do.

Working hand in hand with motherswork, a leading purveyor of premium motherhood essentials, the Skin Inc. x motherswork A Bundle of Joy Collection features lightweight, gentle, and non-irritating formulas that nourish and maintain the natural softness of kids’ and babies’ skin while working to protect their skin barrier.

On a dedicated mission to customise skincare, resolve skin issues, and present allegiant-free solutions through marrying innovation and technology, Skin Inc takes another leap forward by addressing issues right from birth with their latest breakthrough.

Developing formulas that are safer and better for babies, we can now pamper our children by ensuring that their skin is well taken care of from as young as possible.

The game-changing collection includes keys ingredients such as Ceramide, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Panthenol, and botanical extracts of 30% Elderflower, Lotus Flower, and Acacia Flower for gentle formulas that are equally effective in provide optimal skincare for babies and children.

Included in the A Bundle of Joy Collection is a Cloud hair & Body Wash serum-infused formula to cleanse baby skin and hair without drying, and Cocoon Lotion to nourish skin health and sooth dry, sensitive, or eczema-prone skin. They’re also available for purchase together as a complete set.


Get them now or find out more via Skin Inc.’s website here.