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Step into a chocolate wonderland at Mr Bucket Chocolaterie’s new Dempsey Hill factory

Chocolates: one of those rare produce that the world loves, regardless of where we’re from and what our cultures like. For our love of fine foods and exquisite produce, Singaporeans can now look forward to another amazing experience at Dempsey Hill.

Known for their artisanal chocolate products, the Singapore-based chocolate lifestyle brand, Mr Bucket Chocolaterie, opens their first chocolate factory on the Hill’s lush grounds.

Spanning almost 5,000sqft, the whimsical factory takes us on a journey through the world of chocolate craft. Inspired by Roald Dahl’s chocolate factory, the new space features colourful round archways, warm wood finishes, rainbow-hued cacao pod décor, and a series of engaging experiences for guests and fans alike to get up-close with chocolate.

At this factory, witness the entire bean-to-bar process from sorting and roasting, to tempering and crafting, then have a go at The Creation Station – Singapore’s first-ever build-your-own-chocolate Slab station – before indulging in an expanded menu of delicate chocolatey treats that boast use of the entire cacao fruit at the Tasting Room.

Dedicated to using only responsibly-sourced single-estate Asian chocolate, Mr Bucket Chocolaterie aims to showcase the marvellous flavours of Asian cacao and give back to chocolate farmers by directly dealing with them. Taking a no-waste approach, their menu presents unique offerings such as their refreshing Cacao Husk Lemon Tea and vibrant Cacao Wine.

Highlighting cacao beans from a farm in Panchor, Malaysia, chocolate lovers may go for a specially curated tasting flight that includes a 66% Chocolate Bar, Double Soy Caramel Bon Bon, and 64% Chocolate Passionfruit Sable alongside the Cacao Husk Lemon Tea.

Of course, fans will still get to enjoy their classic favourites like the 45% and 72% single origin Chewy Chocolate Cookies, Sea Salt Brownie, Chocolate Passionfruit Tart, and Dark Chocolate Choux Puff.


Head over to their website to find out more about Mr Bucket Chocolaterie’s chocolate factory at Dempsey Hill here.