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Taste the quality of organic and carbon-neutral produce from Queensland

In cooking up a great meal, a big part of what makes a dish good lies in the quality of its ingredients. Bringing us a comprehensive range of organic, free-range, and value-added meat, Alternative Selection directly imports carbon-neutral products from Queensland – the world’s largest supplier of organic and natural red meat.

Partnering with Trade and Investment Queensland, Alternative Selection highlights the variety and quality of Queensland produce, offering Singaporeans a wider range of sustainable and healthier alternatives.

The first company to introduce carbon-neutral certified beef products in Singapore, Alternative Selection is still the only one to import and sell products with industry-recognised carbon-neutral certifications. Carrying more than 30 international brands of allergen- and preservative-free produce sourced directly from farmers who uphold the most stringent of practice, they’re sold at Ryan’s Grocery – the company’s retail subsidiary.

Looking to get your hands on premium, responsible meat? Look out for certified organic, grass-fed beef by The Organic Meat Company. Their cows were raised without presence of chemicals, pesticides, and with no added hormones or growth promotants. From tenderloins, striploins, and briskets, to bolar blades, oyster blades, and topsides, find your preferred cuts from amongst their extensive range.

For pork with no moisture infusion and added hormones harvested from pigs raised in animal welfare-focused environments, there’s Borrowdale Free Range Pork. Their pork are also all APIQ certified free range.

Verified to have been raised with no GMOs, antibiotics, or synthetic chemicals, Warilba Organic Grass Fed Lamb showcases delicious and juicy cuts filled with bold and intense flavours. Their range of products include choices such as bone-in foreshank and shoulder cuts, to boneless roasted legs and neck fillets.

To enhance your desserts, treats, or even to add a refreshing finish to your dishes, find 100% natural and spoonable frozen finger lime pearls from The Lime Caviar Company. Their award-winning pearls are free from additives, gluten, and are vegan-friendly as well.


Find them at Ryan’s Grocery and Ryan’s Butchery locations. Visit their website here for more information.