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The world’s longest public sculpture arrives at Gardens by the Bay

Like many occasions throughout history, marches have brought about change and revolution. This year, let us witness and be a part in another march: the march for wildlife.

The first of its kind, Singapore will welcome a stunning Love The Last March sculpture. Located at our beautiful Gardens by the Bay, Love The Last March is the longest sculpture in the world. In tandem with National Endangered Species Day, the sculpture will be open to public from May 19 onwards, and will be exhibited for one full year.

Depicting 45 of the world’s most endangered species led by a giant mountain gorilla on a majestic march, the sculpture aims to bring awareness to the massive rate of wildlife extinction that’s currently happening and to help save the animal kingdom.

Well-known for their monumental public wildlife sculptures, artists Gillie and Marc have been bringing awareness to wildlife through their art for decades. This time, instead of focusing on individual subjects, they wanted to show the scale of how terrifying the rate of extinction is by presenting a march for wildlife, by wildlife themselves.

Based on photographs and sketches collected over years of studying animals like the mountain gorilla, giraffe, giant panda, and Northern hairy-nosed wombat, each of their sculptures is brought to life with vivid details.

According to a report by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the world has lost an average of 69% of its wildlife in just five decades. Especially for people living in urban environments (like us), extinction is often a silent and distant event.

Designed to be interactive, the public will be able to scan QR codes as they pass each animal on the march to learn more about its behaviour, what it likes it eat, its background, and why it is threatened. In partnership with WWF-Singapore, the public may also join in efforts to impact the lives of these animals with link to a donation page as they view the sculpture.

Making it a truly unforgettable experience, watch the animals come to life through an AR experience and march in front of you when you scan the QR code.


To find out more about the phenomenal sculpture, visit their website here.