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Wild Rice’s final three shows of the spectacular 2023 season

Wild Rice has recently announced the final three shows to close out its highly anticipated 2023 season. The lineup includes Psychobitch, G*d Is A Woman and Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. Each of these productions promises to captivate audiences with their unique themes, compelling narratives, and exceptional talent.
First up is Psychobitch running from August 3 to 19. Written by Amanda Chong and directed by Pam Oei, this thought-provoking one-woman show stars Sindhura Kalidas as Anya Samuel, an overachieving journalist facing the challenge of explaining her public tears to her CEO fiancé. Psychobitch fearlessly dissects gender power dynamics and toxic relationships while inviting us to reflect on the compromises we make in our pursuit of love, offering audiences a humorous and vulnerable examination of human desires for love and acceptance.
Next, on September 8 to 23, get ready for G*d Is A Woman. This scathing satire, written by Joel Tan and directed by Ivan Heng, takes a humorous dig at censorship, complaint culture, and moral outrage in Singapore. Join in the laughter as the outrageous antics unfold and a fake petition to cancel Ariana Grande spirals out of control, putting her concert at risk. This witty and irreverent R18 production promises to leave audiences in stitches.
For the whole family, starting from November 16, experience the enchanting tale of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. With a clever script by Alfian Sa’at, catchy original music by Emaine Chan, and a stellar cast led by Chua Enlai, Nadya Zaheer, this hilarious and heartwarming musical comedy is perfect for this holiday season. Join Snow White as she embarks on a journey to find true love and encounters the rapping, breakdancing Seven Dwarfs along the way.
Don’t let these extraordinary shows slip through your fingers. Wild Rice is offering a 15% Early Bird discount on all Category 1 & 2 tickets purchased until July 12, 2023. This is a fantastic opportunity for theatre enthusiasts to secure their seats for these highly anticipated shows. Whether you’re drawn to thought-provoking gender dynamics, uproarious satires, or heartwarming musical comedies, Wild Rice’s final three shows of 2023 promise to close the season on a high note, leaving audiences with lasting memories and a renewed sense of hope.


Grab your tickets or find out more via Wild Rice’s website here.