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YMCA Education celebrates 110 years with Tobyato’s artist residency

As one of the oldest and largest movements in the world dedicated to bettering the lives of youths, the YMCA of Singapore continues to uphold social justice for young people and their communities regardless of where they come from. Established in 1902, they have been a steadfast pillar of our nation’s social service for more than a century.

Committed to aiding the development of mind, body, and spirit, the YMCA pioneered technical education courses and classes for commercial studies in 1913 and have since expanded to include everything from architecture and engineering to digital literacy.

Commemorating 110 years of quality education and community empowerment, the YMCA takes us on a trip down memory lane this season, collaborating with renowned local artist Tobyato in a tribute to the early stages of their educational journey.

Featuring an artwork split into three stunning segments, the first has a typewriter as its main motif, surrounded by big block letters. Adorned with Tobyato’s signature swirls, it represents YMCA Education’s bold statements and achievements over the years.

The centre of the distinct piece makes reference to the “YMCA 110 Years of Education” logo. Recreating the logo into a colouring artwork, it symbolises what YMCA Education has grown into and what it can grow into in the future.

Using the camera as the main motif in the third segment, set amidst lightning figures, it parallels YMCA Education looking into the lens of the future; moving forward with positive energy to continue serving and impacting future generations.

Presenting the first in a series of YMCA x Tobyato Artist Residency, the artist draws his inspirations from the YMCA’s educational history and has also created a set of YMCA Education x Tobyato limited edition merchandise.

In tandem with their anniversary celebrations, three usable antique typewriters will also be displayed and placed for the public to physically experience – a fun homage to their early days of typewriting courses. If you’re altogether unfamiliar with typewriters, volunteers from Empower Aging will be on hand to guide you through the experience. For those who’d like to, you may even type and snail mail a limited edition postcard designed by Tobyato to yourself or loved ones.

On top of the celebrations, they’re also supporting the mental health community by introducing wall art by Tobyato. From behind the artwork, a hand will take the form of a tree branch, stretching out and giving visitors limited edition merchandise by the artist. The Tree of Goodness experience happens daily at YMCA @ One Orchard from Monday to Saturday, 11am to 12pm, and will last from now till Jun 30.

Specially for this period, YMCA @ One Orchard will be giving out 10 standard rooms. Simply tag them with your most creative photos taken at the YMCA Edu 110 x Tobyato exhibition to stand a chance to win.


For more information, head over to YMCA @ One Orchard’s website here.