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Unwrapping Joy with these festive finds

As the festive season arrives, giving becomes a heartwarming celebration. Choosing thoughtful gifts, whether practical or sentimental, expresses gratitude for cherished bonds. Beyond the material, planning a festive feast together—ordering ingredients and creating a delicious menu—turns nourishment into a shared experience. The enchantment isn’t just in the gift itself but in the collective joy, shaping the season into a joyful acknowledgment of the deep love and connections with our loved one

Here’s where to shop and what to do in December 2023

Welcome to the last month of the year. Enjoy delightful experiences, from unique workshops to a joyful extravaganza with play passes and rewards. Engage in a magical New Year’s Eve Beach Party and revel in DJ performances and a Countdown Party. Explore new travel opportunities as routes expand to exciting destinations. Make the most of December’s offerings

Carrie K. redefines jewellery with Wearable Wishes at new atelier

Embark on a journey of personalised elegance as Carrie K. unveils its Jewel Bar of Wearable Wishes at the new atelier. Nestled in a heritage shophouse at 77B Neil Road, Singapore, the 1900 sq ft space seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, offering a unique and customisable jewellery experience

Mastering culinary alchemy with Japanese precision with BALMUDA

Experience the epitome of kitchen innovation with BALMUDA, the Japanese brand that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology and elegant design. From the transformative BALMUDA The Toaster, with its unique steam technology, to the everyday luxury of BALMUDA The Pot, indulge in a culinary journey that redefines excellence

Bynd Artisan’s magical moments & reBynd’s sustainable craft

Discover the magic of the season with Bynd Artisan’s Magical Moments and explore a sustainable journey with reBynd. From whimsical festive offerings to mindful crafting, this harmonious duo invites you to celebrate enchanting moments and embrace a conscious, sustainable lifestyle this holiday season

Here’s where to shop and what to do in November 2023

November 2023 offers an array of exciting experiences. As school holidays approach, drop by luckin coffee in Jewel Changi for their collaboration with NBA’s Houston Rockets. Don’t forget to try KFC’s Cheesy Zinger Meltz and savour a cuppa from Common Man Coffee Roasters at Ion. Explore The Woodleigh Mall for shopping delights. There’s plenty to anticipate this month

Rodd & Gunn’s New Zealand elegance now available in Singapore

New Zealand’s renowned premium lifestyle brand, Rodd & Gunn, has opened its doors in Singapore’s vibrant shopping district. With a rich history of crafting high-quality, sustainable menswear inspired by New Zealand’s natural beauty, Rodd & Gunn’s debut concession store in Southeast Asia promises a touch of timeless elegance for the modern man

Unlocking your skin’s full potential with CERM’s skincare superheroes

Dive into the world of CERM’s revolutionary skincare, where diversity, inclusivity, and top-quality products meet. Meet the Skincare Superheroes, from vitamin-rich serums to soothing treatments, designed for radiant and healthy skin. Embrace a transformative journey and let CERM unlock your skin’s full potential

Capitol Optical’s 55 years of visionary milestones excellence in Singapore

For over five decades, Capitol Optical has been a cornerstone in Singapore’s eye care industry, combining dedication, premium eyecare, and exceptional customer service. From its humble beginnings in 1968, this family-run business has expanded its services and even introduced a groundbreaking loyalty program, leaving an indelible mark on Singaporean hearts